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FireStopping Services

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FireStopping Services

Perhaps one of the most important considerations when creating any human-inhabited space, whether it’s a land-based building or the international space station, is safety. Fire stopping is the art of creating and renewing the fire rating designed for a particular space. By dividing an area into fire compartments, it is possible to passively limit the spread of fire, smoke, and flue gasses throughout a building. Carefully implementing firestopping features helps to protect the lives of those working and living in a given space, prevents property damage, and hopefully allows any operations to remain functional.

Inspections and Maintenance

Within your space, it’s easy to accidentally create penetration through a fire stopping feature. A renovation as small as adding a cable tray that leads throughout your offices between several rooms could impact your fire rating. Initial fire rating features may also degrade with time. Because of this, it’s important to have your space’s firestopping annually inspected in order to meet International Firestopping standards. If deficiencies are found, they must be repaired with manufacturer approved systems. CONTE Insulation is here to help bring your building back up to its initial fire rating.

We can help you with

Through and blank penetration firestopping
Wall perimeter
Curtain wall and other joint firestopping
Cable tray and special penetrations
Special structural expansion joints requiring a fire rating

We use only the highest quality products that are trusted by the trade such as Johns Manville, Knauf, Armaflex, Ideal, Hilti, and 3-M.

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